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    Name: Carmen West
    Email: carmen.west@slps.org
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    Subject(s): In-School-Suspension 
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    Hello, my name is Carmen  West and I am the ISS MONITOR at AESM. ISS is a short-term placement of a student in a setting within the school, in which the student does work for the classes  that are missed and develops a plan to avoid future disciplinary action.  Iss helps to reduce the number of out of school suspensions.  Iss can help to reduce the effects suspensions can have on the dropout rate. ISS can provide a needed "cooling -off" period when a student has a conflict with a peer or an adult. Students in ISS are not deprived of an educational experience.  They can continue to receive academic support while they are excluded from class and school activities. Parents are notified when ISS is assigned, and the reason for the assignment.