• Since 2009, through the vision of Judge Jimmie Edwards, SLPS and Mers Goodwill, Innovative Concept Academy (ICA) has provided a different and innovative learning experience for students from throughout the District. Our goal is to educate for excellence by empowering students to become compassionate, confident, creative, resourceful members of a global society.

    ICA encourages the involvement of parents and the community in your child’s educational experience. Parental involvement, mentorship and partnerships are an essential component to student success, as research continues to show strong correlation between increased stakeholder involvement and high student success. ICA invites you to participate in our school activities throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me at any time at altonio.irons@slps.org 


    Educational Therapeutic Support @ Madison
    Grades Pre-K Through 8

    Innovative Concept Academy
    Grades 7-12

    Grades 5-12