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    Name:  Connie Alonso
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    Room Number(s): 214
    Subject(s): Intro To Business, Government
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    Sociel Sciences

    How can we solve the problems in our country? Understanding our government: How it is structured, what is its duties and responsibilities, and whats it's goals and principles. We can not change the system if we do not understand how the system works. and our history. 


     1. Understand the guiding principles for US Constitution                                                                             2. Understand why we need a government                                                                                                   3. Understand our structure including the powers and duties.                                                                        4. Understand the relationship with individual states                                                                                    5. Understand the composition and function of our court system.


    America leads the world economically.  Our citizens must have a sound foundation in the capitalist economic system from both an individual and business perspective in order to be included in the riches the country has to offer.


    1. To prepare students with basic business skills which will enable them to succeed in business curriculum courses in any post-secondary setting.
    2. To graduate students who are able to interpret economic issues which effect them and to manage their economic affairs efficiently and wisely.
    3. To develop in our students an economic understanding of how the business system operates and of the importance of wise consumerism.
    4. To assist in establishing an awareness of personal interest and capabilities for purposes of career planning.
    5. To develop skills of critical thinking: the ability to think logically, to organize knowledge, to analyze and to correlate information to apply concepts to new situations.
    6. To create and expand their technology knowledge.
    7. To provide an atmosphere of learning that will encourage each student to learn and to perform at their fullest potential.


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