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    Name:  Connie Alonso
    Email: Connie.Alonso@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 214
    Subject(s): Intro To Business, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship
    Building Phone: (314) 231-7738
    Teacher Message:  


    America is the world’s leader both economically and military.  Our citizens must have a sound foundation in the capitalist economic system from both an individual and business perspective in order to be included in the riches the country has to offer.


    1. To prepare students with basic business skills which will enable them to succeed in business curriculum courses in any post-secondary setting.
    2. To graduate students who are able to interpret economic issues which effect them and to manage their economic affairs efficiently and wisely.
    3. To develop in our students an economic understanding of how the business system operates and of the importance of wise consumerism.
    4. To assist in establishing an awareness of personal interest and capabilities for purposes of career planning.
    5. To develop skills of critical thinking: the ability to think logically, to organize knowledge, to analyze and to correlate information to apply concepts to new situations.
    6. To create and expand their technology knowledge.
    7. To provide an atmosphere of learning that will encourage each student to learn and to perform at their fullest potential.


    Technology is not going away.  In actuality, today’s society cannot function without it.  Technology guides our personal lives as well as our professional ones.  In education, technology should be more than just reading from I Pads, creating projects using Microsoft Office products, or using the smart board.  Technology can make learning fun, which in turn makes it more meaningful and fulfilling to the learners.  Technology is enhancing student learning by forcing the learners to rely on themselves.  The crutch, me, is taken away.  Technology can provide students with the most effective and refined ways of self-improvement and empower them. Students must master the digital literacy skills necessary to thrive in today’s workplace 
     Phylosophy  Who is Mrs. Alonso?

    Educator since 2005.

    Masters degree in both Social Sciences and Educational Technology along with being a Google Certified instructor.  All from Webster University.  Undergraduate degree from South East Missouri State University (Business Education with a major in Accounting) and teacher certification from Harris Stowe State University. 

    United States Army Veteran (served six years)

    Married for over 20 years with 2 teenage children

    Educational philosophy: 

    I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is my desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas There are three elements that I believe are conducive to establishing such an environment, (1) the teacher acting as a guide, (2) allowing the child's natural curiosity to direct his/her learning, and (3) promoting respect for all things and all people. Equally important to self-discovery is having the opportunity to study things that are meaningful and relevant to one's life and interests. Developing the Business Education curriculum around student interests, fosters intrinsic motivation and stimulates the passion to learn and to participate in dialog about local and world economic events.