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    Dear Parents,

    We are ready to begin our 2020 school year!  This year will definitely be different from any other school year, by far.  We will start the school year off with our Virtual Learning format.  This requires some major adjustments for all of us, staff, parents and students.  We will have a few bumps and hiccups that might be a distraction here or there but rest assure we will be working extra hard to help your child progress successfully.  This will of course demand the cooperation of all parties involved.


    St. Louis Public Schools has taken into account that every child may be impacted by Coronavirus (Covid-19) in one way or another.  Masks and face shields, students learning with iPad devices and engaging with their teachers and peers through technology at home are the new normal.  We’ve also taken several measures to ensure that this altered plan of instruction will not hinder academics.  Thank you for your support in preparing your children for the upcoming school year.  This is just the beginning of what is to come with your child’s future in education.  When we do return to the classroom and school buildings, we will have the first few months of the school year under our belts and ready to FOCUS and FINISH STRONG!  Remember, we are in this TOGETHER!


    All students are expected to participate virtually daily to class sessions on time.  Please remind your child of appropriate behavior and to stay focused during class.  Be mindful of assignment due dates and class schedule.  Hey, there is one good thing in all of this…No HOMEWORK, well sort of. (;>})


    Thank you again, in advance for your support. 

    Fourth Grade Teachers

    Ms. V. Betts, Fourth Grade

    Email: vanessa.betts@slps.org




    Thank you for visiting our webpage, Ms. Betts.  We will continue learning using the Virtual Learning format for the first ten weeks.  This means that we will not be returning to school for face to face instruction, but students will be working and participating in class sessions at home using iPad or computers.  Take your time and browse the page to see what you will be doing and how your work will be graded to help you learn new and exciting material.  Be sure to visit the page daily to get more instructions about assignments and activities as this will be just like going to school, but your classroom will be at home.

    Class Expectations
    Students are to arrive to class on time and ready to learn.  Students are expected to complete and turn in all assignments regularly and on time.  Students must focus on class and tune out distractions around them.  Students will have daily and weekly assignments posted in the Assignments tabs.  All assignments will also be updated on the calendar, as well.
    Virtual Learning Hours 8 am - 3:22 pm
    VIRTUAL LEARNING DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC --- During this time away from school students will continue learning the Core subjects (Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies) and participate in Arts Classes, too. I will post assignments on my Microsoft TEAMS and district web page. You may contact me using my school email, (vanessa.betts@slps.org) if you have any questions or concerns.  
    Virtual Office Hours 2-3 pm
    Daily virtual office hours are from  2 to 3 pm. The official start date of Virtual Learning is August 31st. All assignments will be posted weekly in the Assignments tab, calendar, and in Microsoft Teams.  Student work can be submitted on the Microsoft Teams link.


Last Modified on September 28, 2020