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    Email: Udis.Lord@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 215
    Subject(s): Communication Arts
    Building Phone:Innovative Concept at Blewett
    Phone number:  314-231-7738
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    Education is Power! The poverty and discrimination I experienced burned an undying passion in my heart to excel in everything that I do.  I rose from a fieldhand in the Philippines to become a Ph.D., Juris Doctor of Law, author of 8 books, crowned Ms.Asia International Beauty of North America by the Asian Promotion of America based on academic excellence, talents in the arts, physical fitness and humanitarian services that I accomplished against all odds.
    Let not poverty, failure nor discrimination stop you for succeeding. 
    Take the power in your hands by succeeding in your education.

                                                 Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D.



    Dr. Lord,  graduated with a Ph.D.  in School Administration from St. Louis University, holds a Masters Degree in Counseling, M.S. Clinical Psychology, (EBT), Bachelor of Arts in English, the author of 8 books, graduated with a  Juris Doctor of Law, Executive Track,  Representing herself (pro-se), won the landmark case Lord vs. Pontigon  at  the Missouri Courts of Appeal, Eastern Division. She retired  as an English Teacher from the Hazelwood School District, worked as a substitute teacher for the St. Louis Public School for several years  and is now a tenured teacher  year as a Communication Arts Teacher at Innovative Concept Academy, an alternative school founded by the Honorable Judge Jimmy Edwards.

    Dr. Lord’s Doctoral Education is on “Teachers’ Perception of the Effectiveness of  (PREP), Personal Responsibility Education Program."

    Dr. Lord worked as an Education Specialist for the United States Department of Defense and was awarded a Certificate for the Most Inspirational Contribution at the Asian American  Month Celebration.