• Cadets are required to wear their uniform once a week on a designated day. While in uniform, cadets must meet all dress and appearance standards according to program rules. Cadets are formally inspected and graded on the proper wear of their uniform and their military bearing during inspections.
    Uniforms are provided by the JROTC program at no cost to the cadet; however, the cadets are responsible for maintenance, cleaning and care for their uniform and are financially responsible for replacing any lost items. 
    Key items to note for being in JROTC. While in uniform:
    - Men's and women's hair must be a natural color (no pinks, greens, etc...)
    - Men's hair must not be more than 2" in bulk and cannot contain braids, twisties, dreads, etc...
    - Women's hair, if longer than the collar, must be able to be placed in a bun or ponytail that does not extend below the shoulder blades. 
    - Women's nails must be of a conservative nature and have soft colors if painted (no ornamentation or designs)
    - Men may not wear any earrings or nose rings while in uniform.
    - Women may wear one pair of earrings (one in each earlobe) that are diamond, gold or pearl stud style only. No hoops or noserings are authorized. 
    Below is a link to the AFJROTC specific guidelines. You are highly encouraged to review and understand if you plan to enter JROTC.