• Scilinks website www.scilinks.org

    Lesson 1 August 31, 2020

    Do Now list all of your experiences with science concepts and tools at least a paragraph and a half.

    Introduction to Mr. Young


    HMH-Chemistry-HMH- Geology-HMH-Cells

    Grading Scale-

    Homework-45%-Assessment-15%-Do Now-5%-Homework-10%-Projects--10%-Labs

    Scilinks is a website that reinforces what we cover in class.Students would go to website and then type in code HSM0191-after this codes pop websites pop up for students-students can select which websiter they want to read and write one sentence about the site. Students are required to do 60 websites by the end of the quarter.

    Rules-for classroom-Virtual Learning

    They will send completed project to Mr. Young.

    Video on Mr. Young.

    September 1, 2020. Science

    Always check Mr. Young's website

    Tuesday-September 1, 2020

    Do Now

    Review previous days lesson at least a paragraph

    Crosscutting concepts Introduced

    Science tools-Tntroduced-metric ruler-triple beam balance scale-graduated cylinder-beakers-meter sticks-compass

    Periodic table

    Scilinks assignment

    Science process skills-obervation-hypothesis-prediction-drawing a conclusion-qualitative-quantitative

    Wednesday-September 3, 2020

    Do Now-Review Previous days lesson one paragraph