• Absences/“Make-up”/Late Assignments

    Absent students are responsible for finding out what they missed while absent, or upon immediate return from that absence. 

    Students that are absent should: 

    1. Check with their “study buddy” to find out what they missed
    2. Check the parent portal for assignment listings
    3. Email the teacher
    4. Check the assignment board upon their return to school
    5. Ask the teacher upon their return school/class

    If a student is absent, they will be allowed to “make-up” any and all missed assignments within the same amount of time as when originally assigned.  The only exception to this will be if a student is absent at the end of a grading period and cannot do the work due to grades being placed on report cards.

    In this case, other options may be pursued at this time with approval from the school principal and with parent and/or teacher acceptance.  If there are no other options available, students shall receive an “Exempt” (it will not help nor hurt their grade) for the assignment.