Phone: (314)533-2410


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Marketing - Webster University B.A Organization Studies -Fontbonne University Associates Degree Paralegal Studies- Sanford Brown College Cosmetology License- Progressive Beauty College

Ms. Sonya Sanders

Progressive Beauty College Licensed Cosmetologist Manicurist since 1992 ,Elaine Stevens Beauty College Instructor Training Licensed teacher of Cosmetology since 1994

Additional Training

 Advanced Instructor of Cosmetology Training at Pivot Point College in Chicago Illinois
Advanced Instructor of Cosmetology Training at Paul Mitchel the School in Virginia
Advanced Instructor of Cosmetology Training at Dudley Beauty College in Washington DC



INSTRUCTORS:                                                            Conference Period:

Sonya  Sanders                  12:30-1:30


Sonya Sanders   Lead Teacher    , Phone: 314-534-2410

B.A. Organizational Studies– Fontbonne University

Associates Degree Paralegal Studies – Sanford Brown College

Instructor of Cosmetology Program- Elaine Stevens College

Cosmetology License- Progressive Beauty College

Advanced Instructor of Cosmetology Training at Pivot Point College and Dudley Beauty        College





Welcome to the world of professional Cosmetology. Our Cosmetology program is for two years and is only offered to 11th grade students.  It is mandatory for students to be in attendance to receive the required 1500 hours as stated in Missouri State Board Rules and Regulation. This is a two Juniors Classes are set in a very fast paced environment with a steep learning curve.  Success requires committed students willing to fully engage the classes as a profession. With the completion of a sequence of classes you will have the skills necessary to obtain a Cosmetology License through Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. We explore every facet of the fundamentals of Cosmetology, as well as learn the vital practice of Professional Ethics and Entrepreneurship. 

 Course Competencies:

Cosmetology is a competency based program that is provided through a sequential set of learning steps that address specific tasks necessary for state board preparation, graduation, and skills necessary for an entry level job in the beauty industry. Subject areas include:

1.Student will gain awareness  of the career opportunities made available to cosmetologist

2.Students gain knowledge of proper safety rules and regulation  requirements

3. Student will be able to demonstrate and perform procedures of : Hair Coloring; Make-up; Manicuring; Pedicuring; Artificial Nail s ;Barbering ;Braiding ;Haircutting ;Hairstyling

4.Student will learn to identify various skin and nail diseases and disorders

5. Student will not only comprehend but be able to create a business plan and client consultation  informant card

6. Students will be able to identify functions and structures of anatomy and physiology

7.Students will continue to develop interpersonal skills by utilizing teamwork  and leadership   techniques learned in communication and professional image unit

In order to be licensed and eligible to take the Missouri State Board of Exam student need to have satisfactorily completed the course. These are the standards our program is governed by the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. Students will adhere to the attendance policies set by the Beaumont High School Public School District.