• Camera  Our 2020-2021 Year in Pictures!
    Our first quarter in the 2020-2021 school year was 100% virtual. This picture was captured during our first week of school during our class Teams meeting. We had many friends join our class later in the school year and a few left us before the school year ended due to their families moving.
    First Week 2020
    Through the generous sponsorship of several friends and family members of Ms. Sample, EVERY child in class this school year receives a free book from Scholastic EVERY month (even when we were 100% virtual)!
     Thank you 2020
    Birthdays are very important in Kindergarten and we celebrate with our birthday balloon lights and fun treats!
    To encourage our budding readers to practice reading at home, each student "adopted" a stuffed animal that came with a book about him/her or featured the animal as a main character. The adoption "fee" was to promise to read to their new stuffed animal every night, even if it was just picture reading in the beginning and graduating to word reading later. Everyone received an adoption certificate with their animal to remind them of their promise!
    Fifty is nifty when you're talking about how many days you've been in Kindergarten! We celebrated our 50th Day of school with some fun counting activities!
    50 2   50 1
    Halloween fun!
    Halloween  Halloween 2  H3
    After learning about the government and the Presidential candidates, our class got to vote online for the President of the United States through the KidsVote program!
    Voting Day
    Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we had to modify our annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast a bit by individually bagging each of the staples: popcorn (bagged within the paper bag drumsticks!); jelly beans, pretzel sticks, and crackers (standing in for toast). We enjoyed our feast safely distanced at our individual desks while watching the classic movie! 
    Thanksgiving  Thanks 2  Thanks 3
    We learned about Hannukah virtually and watched our how a menorah is lit!
     Santa visited and brought personalized elves for every student!
    We also celebrated Grinch Day during the winter holiday season!
    We celebrated being 100 days smarter on our 100th Day of School! 
    Working around Covid-19 restrictions, we tried to make learning as interactive and fun as possible. Here are two of the shape activities we did this year.  
    Geo   3D
    Read Across America Day included a celebration of favorite books by Dr. Seuss! We made Green Eggs and the boys loved it (pistachio pudding and vanilla wafers)!
    DS1  DS2  DS3
    At the beginning of the school year, our class "adopted" a cow (which looks alot like the cardboard cow behind them) through the St. Louis District Dairy Council, named her Oreo, and have monitored her growth through monthly updates from the dairy farmer raising her. Following lessons on the food pyramid and healthy eating, we had Dairy Day! The activity books came from the Dairy Council along with a $20 grant that allowed us to purchase dairy products to taste. On Dairy Day, we had four dairy products to taste: ice cream, yogurt, two different cheeses, and last (but most fun!), students made and then tasted butter (made from heavy whipping cream). Ice Cream was rated the favorite but their homemade butter came in second!
    dairy  dairy 2  dairy 3
    Through an online program with Panda Express, our class received wonderful lessons on the Lunar New Year. To wrap up our fun learning, Panda Express delivered (free) Chinese food lunches for everyone, fun fork/chop stick combo sets, and cookies to celebrate the Lunar New Year!
    Chinese New Year
    Our amazing Springboard to Learning teacher during the second semester brought so many fun movements to discover and based the experience on a Kindergarten book favorite, Giraffes Can't Dance! 
    We learned the song "Let's Go Fly a Kite" during March and the story of how March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. We wrapped up our learning about March with some fun kite flying!
    During our learning about plants and how they grow, we planted flower seeds and did what we learned about to make them grow. It was so exciting to see sprouts!
    The wedding of the letters Q and U! Students wore letter vests representing the other letters and were in attendance to learn that although U can be without Q in words, Q cannot be without U in words (except for a few that they'll learn much later in life!). 
    QU flowersQU QQU I doQU Just MarriedQU cakeQU work 
    In May, we had a fun day of learning using a camping theme. We did a lot of phonics and reading skills work and celebrated our fun day with making s'mores at the end!
    Camping 2021
    camping 2021 2
    Vowel Surgery Day! All of our young surgeons performed surgery on CVC words (surgically attaching the missing vowels to the consonant cards) and had so much fun learning! 
    Vowel Surgery 2021
    Vowel surgery 2
    Vowel surgery 3
    vowel surgery 4
    vowel surgery 5
    vowel surgery 6
    Vowel surgery 7
    We learned all about the . ! and ? and then were challenged to show what we know at Woerner's Punctuation Police Academy! Cadets were presented with sentences with incorrect punctuation and they had to write a citation to correct the punctuation. 
    PP 1
    PP 2
    PP3  pp 6   pp 7
    PP 4   PP9   pp3  
    May 28th was our last day of Kindergarten! It was a challenging year with our virtual and then hybrid learning but we made it and had lots of fun along the way! Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 safety protocols, we could not have a Kindergarten moving on ceremony but we're still proud of all of the learning our students did this year! Congratulations on completing Kindergarten!
    Graduates 2021
    Graduates 2021 2
    Thank you
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