• Do you want to keep on the kids' homework?  Now you can!

    1.  Click on each of their classes in MSTeams.  (Log in directions are on the slps.org website and on my Meet the Teacher webpage).  Usernames and passwords are the same as their district logins, like for their SLPS email.  The teacher can privately give them to you if for some reason, your child has forgotten them). 

    2.  Here are links to all of my classes.

    22-23, Owen, 1st period, 7th grade Social Studies (on "A days," Mon., Wed., Fri.) 


    22-23, Owen, 1st Period, 7th Grade Science (on "B days," Tues. and Thurs.)

    22-23, Owen, 3rd period, 7th/8th grade ELA
    22-23, Owen, 4th period, 7th/8th grade Math


    2.  Click More (sometimes there may just be three dots instead. If so, click the dots.) 

    3.  Click Assignments. Here, you can choose to do some or all of these things.

    Click on old homework or classwork to see if it was turned in, just viewed, or not turned in or even looked at.  Sometimes a teacher will return an assignment if the student turns it in blank or needs to correct something.

    Click on current assignments to see the instructions and due dates.

    Remember to look at the attachments below the instructions too.  There may be information or images there that the student needs in order to do the work.  

     If there is a "rubric", click on that too.  Tell your student, "Hey, look!  Here is how you can get an A!"  

    Tips from Miss Owen

            Time management and organization are important life skills.  Now is the time to build good habits!  If you can demonstrate these things in your own life in their presence, you "lead by example!"     

          Help your kids keep a "To Do" List of upcoming or unfinished past due assignments.  An assignment calendar or date book may be even better options to keep track, since they can visualize how many days they have left, how many things are all due on the same day, etc.  You can write tests that they need to study for on the calendar, date book, or To Do List as well.  If the due date has past, especially if it is still in the current grading period, look at the top right corner.  If the teacher allows past due work to be turned in late, it will say so there. High school is looming right around the corner. The amount of work required can be overwhelming. Take things a step at a time. Show them how it can be so fun to cross each item off when it is finished!   

           Make it fun.  Parents, so much depends on you.  You are an integral part of your child's education.  It doesn't matter if you did "well" in school or not. Act excited. "Fake it till you make it!"  Show interest in their work, so they get the idea it is important.

         Attitudes are contagious.  What I mean by that is that kids, especially kids with hearing loss, notice the look on your face.  It sets the tone for the task.  Even if you hated Math, try not to let it show.  If you do, they might adopt a similar attitude.   

         Have a quiet spot in the house where they can concentrate, but near you, so  you can monitor that they are not doodling, sleeping, playing online games, etc.. 

          Feel free to check their homework for mistakes.  Of course, you do not have to.  I understand we are busy with work, school, and life.  It is not cheating to check their work for mistakes if you have them make all corrections.  For example, if they made the same error on a whole page of Math, show them the first few problems, slowly, pausing after each step and writing  one problem down on a reference sheet. Then let them take it from there.

           Consider making it a rule that they show either you or another adult their work BEFORE they click "Turn it in." Did they slop any old answer down?  Have them take their time and try again.  Never do it for them, because they will not learn that way.

          Show them how to always click "ABC Check."  If it is a document they typed in Microsoft Word, Spell Check will show them capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors, one at a time, as they correct each one. Then click Save.

          Check out Immersive Reader!  Anything typed in Microsoft Word can now be read out loud!  You can even choose from different male and female voices in the Options part!  Some teachers have added this feature on their assignment directions too.  Look for a symbol at the top of the page that looks like a capital letter "A" with waves coming out of it!  

          Be firm but fair.  "Homework first, other stuff second," may be a good policy.  You could make a sign on the fridge or a plaque on the wall with this rule, so you can just point to it alot!  I used to have a stop sign on my bulletin board  in my classroom at Gallaudet School that had the advice "Stop the drama!" It helped me avoid "back and forth" conversation. 

          Questions? Write a note to the teacher in the homework folder.  If you need to call, there is contact info and teacher planning times are on all of our "Meet the Teacher" websites.  Go to www.slps.org, click Schools, Carr Lane, Teachers, and the teacher's name.

         Don't stress  about this! You are already helping your kids alot just by letting them know you are monitoring that they are turning in their work on time. You might choose to just do random checks or checks on Fridays for the upcoming week.  If you feel aggravated, do something that takes the "heavy" out of monitoring homework completion.  Whistle the tune to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't worry! Be Happy!"  Sorry, I'm showing my age now.  How about Pharell's "Happy" song?  Ok, think about Katt William's talking about working at McDonald's to the song, "Every Day I'm Hustling!"                                                      

            As always, thank you for all that you do to assist with your child's education.

    You are appreciated! 

                                                                                                                                                From, Miss Owen