• Learning Outcomes

    Learning Outcomes

    11th Grade 

    Health Care Roles and Responsibilities
    Careers in Healthcare 
    History and Trends of Health Care
    Health Care Systems   
    Medical Law and Ethics
    Professional Communications
    Medical Terminology
    Business Communications
    Patient’s Record
    Medical Insurance and Coding
    Billing and Payment for Medical Services
    Banking and Accounting Procedures
    Cultural Diversity
    Computers and Technology in Health Care

    12th Grade

    Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Body
    Clinical Procedures
    Assisting with Examinations
    Laboratory Procedures
    Cardiology and Radiology Procedures
    Minor Surgical Procedures
    Medication Administration Procedures
    First Aid and Responding to Emergencies
    Rehabilitation and Healthy Living
    Workplace Readiness
    Basic Health Care Concepts and Skills
    Geriatric Care
    Nutrition and Diets
    Medical Math
    Promotion of Safety
    Infection Control
    Special Health Care Skills
    Laboratory Assistant Skills
    Medical Assistant Skills
    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)
    Correlation to National Health Care Foundation Standards
    Metric Conversion Charts
    Describe basic disease concepts, including mechanisms of disease, neoplasms, inflammation, and infection
    Examine the basic anatomy and physiology of the body system, etiology of various diseases and conditions, important signs and symptoms of disorders, common 
    diagnostics, typical course and management of disorders, preventive measures, and the effects of aging
    Identify the terminology, etiology, signs and symptoms, common diagnostics, typical course and management of disorders, and preventive measures associated with genetic and developmental disorders, childhood diseases, and mental health disorders
    Recognize important medical terminology related to the understanding of human diseases
    State the drug classifications and examples of medications in each class used to treat diseases, disorders and conditions

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