• School Attire


    Yes! We are a uniform school! All students should be in Khaki or Black pants/skirts/shorts and uniform tops. Jeans are permitted beginning this school year--no rips or holes are permitted in the jeans. Leggings are not permitted. Students can also wear their grade level colors. Students may wear their spirit or Long logo shirts as part of their uniform. The school will provide a LIMS logo polo shirt, LIMS logo spirit shirt, and LIMS sweatshirt/jacket. These items will be provided within the first month of school. If you need assistance with uniforms, please reach out to our Family and Community Specialist, Mrs. LeQuita Pang


    6th grade - White Top  

    7th grade - Green Top   

    8th grade - Black Top   


    Prohibited attire:

    • Leggings
    • Biking shorts
    • Cut or Ripped Pants/Clothing
    • Halter Tops, Tank Tops, Tube Tops
    • See Through Clothes
    • Pajamas
    • Slippers
    • Slides, Flip Flops 
    • Drug, Alcohol, Gang Affiliated, or Other Inappropriate Logo or Attire
    • Headgear (in the building); exception of religious attire (hijabs)
    • Shorts Above MidThigh