This year, Long International Middle School has transitioned to a modified block schedule.

    Minute Break-down

    85 minutes: Core courses (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies)

    50 minutes: Advisory

    **In Advisory, students will focus on vocabulary building for literacy, a project-based learning unit, SEL activities, and a culture-focused literacy unit.**

    60 minutes: Related Arts (World Languages, Physical Education/Health, Computer Science, Art)

    - Students who are identified as "self-contained" for special education services will follow a 6 class schedule; each class being 60 minutes.


    Late Arrivals

    - All students arriving at school after 7:30 AM must enter through Door 1 for "late arrival"

    - Students arriving at school at 9:30 AM or later will need a parent/guardian escort, as well as documentation for absence and late arrival.

    Early Dismissal

    - Early dismissals will be honored until 1:30 PM. Dimissal begins at 1:45 PM each day. In order to run a smooth and timely dismissal, early dismissals and visitors cannot be accommodated after 1:30 PM. 


     SY203-24 Daily Schedule