LIMS Tigers After School Program 


    The After School Program is free and operates Tuesday and Thursday, 2:15 p.m. until 5 p.m. A snack is provided for all students participating in the AfterSchool Program. Bus transportation is provided for southside students only. Students riding home with a parent/guardian must be picked up by 5:00 pm. All students much leave campus by 5:00 pm.  The program is offered to students who are interested in tutoring/academic enrichment and those students interested in sports or extra curricular programs. 
    Academic Enrichment
    In a partnership with TRiO with Saint Louis University, Long is able to offer academic tutoring and enrichment after school. Our Academic Cooridnator for TRiO Talent Search is Marlene Wu. Ms. Wu has worked with our building for three years and have crafted an afterschool enrichment and academic program alongside our athletic and extracurricular program. Ms. Wu works with 2-3 tutors who provide one-on-one support with in specific content areas. Due to our virtual learning status, Ms. Wu and her team is offering virtual classes. For more information, you can contact Ms. Wu at marlene.wu@slu.edu
    Athletic and Extra-Curricular Program
    Our Athletic Director and Dean of Students, Jason Scheper, is the director of our AfterSchool Program. We offer sports year around and extracurriculars by season. To be eligible for sports, students must not have any failing grades in the season of participation and must not have any Type 1 infractions. Students failing to meet these standards will be placed on athletic probation and must improve grades and behavior before returning to the program. For more information about our Extra-Curricular and Athletic Program, contact Mr. Scheper at jason.scheper@slps.org
    Volleyball (Girls)
    Soccer (Boys)
    Art Club
    Sophia Project
    Chess Club
    Basketball (Girls/Boys)
    Soccer (Girls)
    Flag Football 
    Track (Girls/Boys)
    Sophia Project
    Chess Club
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