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    Name: Gwendolyn Key-Hutchinson
    Room Number(s): 125
    Subject(s): Pre School
    Building Phone: 314-533-2526
    Teacher Message:   

    My goal is to instill in your child an interest anda joy in learning.  When they leave myclass my hopes are that they will be able to learn any and everything the worldhas to offer them.  They will havehomework every day but Friday.  Pleaseread with them daily and call me if you have any concerns or there is somethingyou would like for me to work with your child on.  You can reach me at 533-2526 ext. 828 12:30p.m. is our ancillary time.  I lookforward to working with you and your child this school year.


    My name is Mrs. Gwendolyn Key- Hutchinson.  I am a pre-school teacher at Dunbarelementary school.  I have taughtpreschool for 6 years.  But I have beenwith the district for 26 years.