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Ms. Denise Atkins

 My name is Denise Atkins; I am the Family and Community Specialist here at Hodgen Tech Academy. I have been employed with St. Louis Public Schools for over 16 years, most recently serving as an Instructional Care Aide, at Hodgen.

As the Family Community Specialist, my goal is to continue conversations and partnerships with parents, staff, and the community that we are connected to. Within the school setting, I will work closely with the principal to look at ways of improving the relationship between the school and home environment. One of my main priorities will be to increase parental involvement by encouraging parents/guardians to take a more active role in their child’s education. I want us all to work as advocates and partners in the education and lives of our students. Secondly, in my role, I will work with the school’s nurse, counselor, and social worker to identify the needs of our families and seek out community-based agencies and resources that can address those needs.

In conclusion, it is important that communication lines are open. We want the parents of Hodgen Tech Academy to be informed about activities that take place at the schools and in the communities. Likewise, we want to be made aware of issues at home that may interfere with the success of each child that walks through the doors.

I look forward to working with the parents, the schools, and the communities moving forward.


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