A Brief History of Mann School

  • Mann School opened for children in 1901 with Ms. Fannie Wade as Principal.  Ms. Wade was previously the Principal at Oak Hill School.  For many years Mann served as the neighborhood school for grades kindergarten through eighth.  The building was a centerpiece of the Tower Grove South Neighborhood. 

    The original structure had one main door.  The original building ended before the door just west of the current main door.  The current gym was the last addition to the building and it was completed in the early 1990’s.  In order to build this, the district bought the property of the home owners on the east side where the gym now stands.

    The school was known for it’s Mother’s Club and Marching Band.  It was also known for students frequenting the local candy store before and after school. 

    Over the years, enrollment has varied, as well as grade levels.  The building became too small for the upperclassmen and the school was changed to a K-6 building.  The school then became the home to Preschool.  Mann now has three full time preschool classrooms.  In 2009, there were 247 students and in 2014, the enrollment was 347. In 2015 the sixth grade was moved to the junior high and Mann became a PK-5 building.

    In 2009, Mann School was identified as one of the lowest performing schools in the state of Missouri.  The district applied for the School Improvement Grant for 16 schools.  Mann was one of the 11 awarded a three year grant under the Turnaround Program.

    Mann School was officially “turned around” and is now FULLY ACCREDITED!