Degrees and Certifications:

AA Elementary Ed BS Elementary Ed MS Classroom Teaching

Mrs. Patti Pyatt

Welcome to 4th Grade Meramec Elementary! I am so excited to meet and teach in this awesome district! I am ready to serve my students and their families with awesome technology and engaging lessons! All our class assignments will be on Microsoft Teams. I will send weekly emails  and announcements through Class Do Jo. Looking forward to a Fantastic Year! 

About Me:

I was born in Tennessee, but raised in  Missouri. I worked at Walmart for 18 years as a department manager, then I decided to continue my education. I did my student teaching 4th grade, but I have taught 6th grade ELA , all core subjects, Highset/GED, and literacy. I have a loving family and my kids are grown and successful, so I can devote my time to my students. In my leisure time I love to travel, camp, fish, hunt, and ride four wheelers. 

We were asked to write an essay on Why Teach at Meramec: Here is mine.

                                            My Why for Being at Meramec

          Have you ever had a teacher that pushed you aside and just taught the smart kids or the kids who dressed as if they had money? This happened to me! I never thought I was smart or amounted to anything. I vowed then that if I could become a teacher, I would help serve, inspire, and make myself available to every student that came along my path.

 My dad died when I was fifteen and in 1983, congress cancelled social security to pay for students that lost their parents.  I was so disappointed, so I went to work at Walmart for 18 years. We did not have a lot of money and if you did not have money at school, you did not exist. I was already not in a good state, so that day this teacher ignored and embarrassed me. It made me really digress physically and academically.

          However, I was working and someone told me I could get a grant to go to college. I did not think I had it, but an advisor from the college offered me so much help. I graduated and earned my first degree with honors and a 3.8. This pushed me to go on.

The first time I substituted, I knew this was the profession I wanted to be a part of. I loved the children so much. I tried urban school interviews before. They said I was too country I would never make it.  When the Covid hit, they had a phone interview. They hired me right away. My first year in SLPS was very hard. I survived! I came to Meramec two years ago. I fell in love with the staff and my students.

          Finally, I am home at the school I want to be. I want to help serve, inspire, and make myself available to every student that comes along my path. Whatever it takes to make their life better.