•  Meramec
    Name: Jonathan Strong
    Email: jonathan.strong@slps.org 
    Room Number: Main Office 
    Building Phone: 314-353-7145
     Principal Strong
    Principal Message:

    Jonathan Strong is an educator who works with elementary school aged children, helping build strong foundations for their futures.  It is his passion for educating children that has led him to the St. Louis Public School District, to serve as the Meramec Elementary School principal.  Prior to St. Louis Public, he served as an Assistant Principal in the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District, a literacy coach, a Title 1 reading instructor, and a fourth grade teacher at Confluence Academy.  Additionally, he taught at Thurgood Marshall Academy.

    He holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Alabama A&M University, a M.A. in Reading, and an Educational Specialist in School Leadership degree from Webster University. 

    Jonathan has made it his mission to make a difference in the lives of youth.  He serves as a mentor for young males and works with various non-profits dedicated to helping the youth and families of St. Louis. 

    Jonathan is committed to helping shape the course of generations that follow him.  His passion for the city of St. Louis continues to direct his path of service through education for the community that raised, nurtured and led him to be the man that he is today.