• Marie K. ThompsonThompson

    Grade/Subject Taught:   6th Grade Social Studies/ Ancient Civilizations/6th Grade Team Leader

    Room Number:  208

    I was born and raised in St. Louis MO.   I am a proud product of St. Louis Public Schools.  I am also a proud alumni member of Yeatman Middle School.   I attended Beaumont High School.   I graduated from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communications Television/Radio with a minor in Black American Studies.  I also have my Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Missouri St.Louis.  I am certified to teach 5th-9th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies.

    Cogito Ergo Sum!  (I Think; Therefore I Exist!)

    Hello Students and Parents!  Please take advantage of the distance learning on the Yeatman homepage.  Also, by using your school email address and password, you can find assignments on Microsoft Teams as well.  If you don't remember your email address, please have your parent email me and I will forward it to you in that way.  Please be safe during this time. This Too Shall Pass!   I encourage you to READ for pleasure as much as possible! Please check my assignment page for updates weekly!   Your life is VALUABLE, please "shelter in place" and enjoy this time with your families. 

    Please email me at Marie.Thompson@slps.org 

    Phone/text number: 314-881-8729

    Virtual Hours: 9 a.m. to Noon. 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


    Please speak with your parents about completing the 2020 Census. It is very vital that we are all counted.  Being included in the census helps with funding for schools, neighborhoods, it impacts all areas of society.  From a history perspective, completing the Census will allow future generations to research their ancestors with accuracy. Encourage your parents to fill out the paper form you received in the mail, or they can go online and complete it at my2020census.gov.  I have included an information page and a optional class assignment on the Assignment Page.  These are both worth 100 points each.


    Useful Websites:

    CNN10.com       Keep up with the latest news!

    Classzone.com  online textbook... Ancient Civilizations

    icivics.com            US History Games

    brainly.com    Assignment/Homework Help

    USHistory.org (Ancient Civilizations)    Assignment/Homework Help

    simCEO.org       Economic Simulation

    http://past present.muzzylane.com/       Online History Game

    msn.com  NewsWare Arcade    Current Affairs

    History.com   Assignment/Homework Help