• Walker Name: Natalie Walker

    Grade/Subject Taught: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Resource Teacher

    Room Number:  Room 202


    My name is Natalie Walker.  I am a Resource teacher at Yeatman-Liddell College Preparatory Middle School.  I have worked for St. Louis Public Schools for 20 years.  I have taught in the Special Education Department for 9 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and I have a Master’s degree in Special Education.

    I am the 6th,7th and 8th  grade Resource teacher.   My primary goal is to provide special education services through a variety of resources.  The students are issued a schedule around the first to second week of school.  The schedule time is allotted according to the number of minutes on the Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Some student(s) will receive more time and others will receive less depending on their minutes allocated on their IEPS.  The development of the schedule is according to the general education class schedule.  Special education services can be provided via pullout(s) or CIT (collaborative instructions techniques).  For example, if the GEC schedule is broken into 60 minutes increments and your child has 300 minutes.   Your child will receive approximately 10 periods per week.  (10 periods x 30 minutes = 300 minutes per week, or if your child is in a general education class for 5 days the Resource teacher will go into the classroom and do collaborative teaching with the general education teacher.

    When in the Resource room my goal is to assist your child with assignments/homework provided by the General Education teacher that he/she perceives difficulty.  I give that needed support, assistance and provide modifications to their workload during/after instructions from his GEC teacher.  I will ensure that the GEC teachers’ are aware of any specific accommodations/modifications that have been identified on the Individual Education Plan (IEP) as it relates to your child.  I work from the IEP developing learning strategies to assist him/her in meeting their goals/benchmarks as documented on the current IEP.  I collaborate with the general education teachers’ on a variety of ways for delivering differentiated instructions to assist your child when in the classroom with resource and non-disabled students.