• James Yeatman

    yeatman James Yeatman (1818 - 1901) moved from Bedford County, Tennessee in 1842 to St. Louis, Missouri. Over the years, he became known as a charitable man, one always ready to give his time and money to public causes. Yeatman School opened in 1967 and was named in his honor.




    Craton Liddell


    Craton Liddell's life became a legacy as a result of a lawsuit filed in his name by his mother, Mrs. Minnie Liddell. Mrs. Liddell filed the suit because she wanted her son to have the right to attend his neighborhood school - Yeatman Elementary School. The 1972 lawsuit, Liddell v. Board of Education of St. Louis, paved the way for implementing one of the largest school choice programs in the nation and achieved the goal of integrating education for students in the Saint Louis Public Schools. Because of the lawsuit filed in his name, Mr. Liddell was often thrust into the spotlight. His mother explained, "As a child, he didn't like the attention, but as he grew into an adult, he realized the importance of it. He wanted to see great improvement in the city's education system." Craton Liddell passed away on December 6, 2002. Yeatman Middle School was renamed in his honor a short time thereafter.