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    When we ever have any "Virtual Learning" assignments, please submit work and/or questions any time through Microsoft Teams or by contacting me at jason.pense@slps.org.

     Meet the Teacher

    about me
    Name: Mr. PensePense Fam
    Subject Taught: Computer Science
    Room Number: 213

    Years at Yeatman: 23
    EducationTriad High School McKendree College
    Degree: Bachelors of Science in Education
    Birthday: March 5, 1978

    Kids: 3
    Pets: 1 cat & 1 dog


    my favorites
    Vacation Spot: Six Flags St. Louis
    Board Games: Yahtzee, Chess
    Video Games: Mario Kart (Switch)
    Sports to Play: golf, ping pong
    Sports Teams: St. Louis – Blues, Cardinals & Battlehawks
    Outdoor Activities: golf
    Free Time: surf the internet, hang out w/ family/friends, watch TVSTL Blues
    TV Shows: Fixer Upper, The Office, WWE Raw & Smackdown!, Anything w/ Dave Chappelle
    Movies: Jurassic Park & ALL of the Marvel movies
    Actors: Jim Carey & Denzel Washington
    Athlete: Tiger Woods
    Music: Anything but heavy metal
    Website/App: YouTube
    Books: Jurassic Park
    Dream Job: daytime radio DJ in St. Louis
    Cereals: Corn Pops, Coco Puffs, Honey Bunches of Oats
    Fruits: pineapple 
    Snack Foods: turtles (the candy)
    Fast Food: Popeye's, Chic-Fil-A, Jack in the Box
    Cookies: Chips A-hoy!
    Candy Bars: Nestle CRUNCH, Whatchamacallit
    Drinks: Code Red Mountain Dew & Dr. Pepper
    EMAIL:  jason.pense@slps.org



     Check out this clip of me bowling from a few years back!  I did something that very few can claim they have done!

  • Use this picture to practice your screenshotting and editing skills on your iPad!