• The iPad can be a little tricky to use when trying to work on/turn in an assignment!  Follow the steps below, and you'll realize how easy it really is!  You can also check out the video at the bottom of this page.  It walks you through step by step as well!

    Turning in Work iPad

  • Turn in Work If work is completed on Microsoft Teams, here's how you turn it in on there:

    • Click the Assignment to be completed
    • Click Edit in Browser (the pencil in the top right corner)
    • Complete your assignment - be sure to SAVE (it should AUTOSAVE) 
    • When finished, click CLOSE or go back.
    • Click TURN IN, located in the upper right corner!
    • CONGRATS!  Your teacher now has your assignment!


    For tutorials on Microsoft Teams, please click this link: https://www.slps.org/teamstutorialspub


    If a teacher has work that is required to be downloaded and completed, you can send that work as an attachment directly to the teacher's email address.  If you prefer to take a picutre of the work and email it in, that is acceptable as well.