Students are to wear pants, skirts, or shorts that are khaki or navy blue in color. Shorts, skirts, and jumper lengths must be to the students’ fingertips when standing straight and arms are fully extended at sides. Blue denim jeans and athletic shorts are not approved attire except on a dress-down day.

    Students are to wear shirts that have collars. This can include polo-style shirts or sport or dress shirts. Shirts may be of any color, including solids, stripes or plaids. T-shirts or collarless shirts are not approved attire except on dress-down days.

    Boys/ Girls

    - Students may wear non-hooded sweaters or jackets in the classroom during cold weather.

    - Students may wear closed shoes such as tennis shoes, boots or dress shoes. Students may not wear slides, flip flops or house shoes at any times.

    - Accessorizing is to be kept to a minimum. Students should not wear anything that would distract the learning atmosphere of the school. This includes large belt buckles, buttons with slogans, ties, bandanas and hats. Students will be asked to remove any item of clothing or accessory that may cause distraction.

    - Items that caused problems last year were bandanas and head scarves for the girls and hoodies for the boys; these are not allowed. We do not want students to be cold, but hoodies have really been distracting in the past. We are asking for parents support with this.

    - Belts are encouraged for students. Students whose pants are too big around the waist will be required to use string around their waist to keep from sagging.

    Busch T-Shirts

    Anything that promotes the school is allowed to be worn. This does not include student-generated Busch shirts. Official school T-shirts are usually sold in the fall.

    Dress-down Days

    Students are asked to remember that they are dressing for a work place when dressing for dress-down days. Students may not wear ill-fitting clothing (too tight, short, or low cut). Students may wear dresses, skirts, shorts, pants or jeans of choice. T-shirts are acceptable on dress down days. Girls may not wear leggings as pants. The shoe code remains the same on dress-down days.

    Infractions of the dress code will be addressed by the school. Busch will issue alternative clothing for the students to wear on the day the infraction occurs. Issued clothing will be returned at the end of the school day. Repeated offenses will result in further consequences.

    Physical Education

    Boys/ Girls

    Students are to wear blue (any color blue) or black athletic shorts (elastic waist). Stripes down the sides of the shorts are acceptable. Students are to wear a plain, white T-shirt with no pictures or writing. The exception is a Busch T-shirt. This is acceptable wear for PE. In addition, students are to wear tennis shoes and socks for PE class.