Busch Traditions

  • Busch Middle School Mascot: Bobcat

    Busch Middle School Colors: Navy blue, gold, and white

    Daily Traditions:
    - Teachers greet students every morning as they get off the bus.
    - Students read together in the gym every morning before starting the day.
    - After reading time, we have an all-school meeting every morning called Morning Session.
    - Before classes start, students go to Character Connection, which is an advisory-type class and club rolled into one.

    Annual Traditions:
    - Every fall the students challenge the staff to a students vs. staff volleyball game.
    - Every spring the students challenge the staff to a students vs. staff basketball game.
    - Before the MAP test, our principal encourages our school spirit and confidence for the test by doing fun and crazy things. One year he dressed as the Lone Ranger. Another year he dressed as a wrestler. Last year he dressed as Sponge Bob Square Pants and actually played a rock concert for our students!
    - After the MAP test, we have a school-wide BBQ called MAP Dog to celebrate our accomplishments and hard work.
    - Every year we take a large group of students on a field trip to Six Flags to celebrate their accomplishments during the year.
    - Our students publish a yearbook every spring highlighting the events of the past year.