• Mrs. Mathieson
    Teacher: Mrs. Mathieson
    Room: 206
    Subject: 7th Grade Integrated Science
    School Phone: (314)652-9282
    Mrs. Mathieson's Family Adventures
     Collaboration Nation:
    I hope to share my passion for science and learning with you. 
    This class is designed to behands-on,collaborative and relative to the world.
    I invite you to join the adventure, be creative and make connections between
    you and the world of science. Don't forget your greatest contribution to our
    science class- YOU! 

    What I Believe:
    Students find value, meaning and purpose in this world through engaging in
    active learning.Students learn best when they can get their hands messy and
                                            their minds immersed in what they are doing. All students can learn when they
                                            are supported. When students understand the delicate balance between
                                            themselves and the world around them, they will be the change that makes
                                            a difference in our future.