• Dear Parents,


     My name is Laura Link and I am excited to introduce myself as your child's gifted teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. I have been teaching for St. Louis Public Schools for 20 years, 15 years as a classroom teacher, and this will be my sixth year working with small groups of gifted students. I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, a Master's degree in Education with a specialization in Library Media, and my Gifted Certification from Lindenwood University.

     Gifted students are unique learners and have special needs and I am looking forward to working with your child to develop and enhance their education. I will challenge your child to problem-solve, analyze, and think critically through projects based on student interests.  I will work closely with their classroom teacher to ensure that I am aligning your child’s learning goals with those of the regular classroom, while adding the depth and challenge that your child needs. The gifted pull-out program will both enrich and accelerate their learning.

    This year will be unlike any other year. It will bring challenges and a great deal of growth in your child as a thinker and learner. They will become so fluent in technology and they will be able to work at their own pace. I really think that virtual learning will allow our students' learning to become more individualized to better meet their academic needs. We will all be learning together and I am looking forward to this virtual adventure.

     I can't wait to work with your child to make sure they are challenged and excited about learning. If you have any questions, please email me at Laura.Link@slps.org.





    Laura Link

    Gifted Resource Teacher