Here are some links for good at home P.E activities for students:

    https://app.gonoodle.com/ - GO Noodle

    https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga - Cosmic Kid Yoga

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc1Ag9m7XQo – KIDS HITT Workout

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKE0Xnj818IDaHvIcRiq0Bg - Kidz Bop (Good dance workout videos)             

    Educational Links - more FUN activities to do at home!



     Bored at home? Here are some fun activities you can try!

    1.       Make an obstacle course

    Using couch cushions, pots and pans, and plenty of other household objects, construct an engaging and challenging obstacle course. Kids can climb under blankets stretched between the couch and coffee table, or they can somersault across the living room. Take this kind of play outside if you want more room to move around.

    2.       Wheelbarrow or crab walk races

    These tough, yet funny positions are both fun to attempt and hilarious to watch. Have kids race from one end of the yard to another, or time a pair to see how long it takes them to wheelbarrow around the house three times.

    3.       Red light, green light

    It’s an oldie, but a goody! Play the “red light, green light” game in the backyard, and help kids exercise and learn about following directions. Add color visuals by making a red or green sign to help children learn about color as well!

    4.       Freeze Dance

    Who doesn’t like a good dance party? Shaking it off to a few favorite jams is a surefire way to get your kids off the couch. To brush up on listening skills, try freeze dance. The rules are simple: dance when the music plays and when the designated DJ stops the music, everyone freezes.

    5.       Balloon Volleyball

    Make a net by tying a piece of yarn from one chair to another. Then blow up a balloon and start practicing those serving skills! Change things up a bit by kicking or head-bumping the balloon.