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    Carnahan HSOF
      4041 S. Broadway
      St. Louis, MO 63118
      Office 314-457-0582
      Fax 314-244-1732
      Principal: Jonathan Griffin
      Hours: 7:10am - 2:07pm
      Grades: 9-12

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Principal's Corner

  • Welcome to the Carnahan Principal's Corner

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    Carnahan has been a blessing for me since I joined the family in January 2009. I taught Physical Education/Health for five years. Additionally I served as Varsity Boys Basketball coach for three years. I also had the distinct pleasure to learn and serve under former principals Dr. Alice Roach (Parsons Blewett Chair) as well as Dr. Bruce Green (Associate Superintendent at Hazelwood). Under their guidance I was able to develop and evolve as not only a teacher but also as a leader.  I was requested to be in charge of various groups around the school, specifically the Gentlemen's Club. This program began in 2007, this program targets a group of young man who need guidance and a focused approach to their future. Tony Thompson, successful black business man founded Kwame Building Group, and currently runs Kwame Foundation, where the program donates and creates scholarships and programs for urban education.  He has been a key member in the success of Carnahan, dedicating time and opportuntities for the continued success of Saint Louis Public Schools.

    In 2015, I had the distinct pleasure of being selected to the PACE program through Saint Louis Public Schools. This program integrates the professional duties of a school leadership through intense training and simulated interactions to prepare for a future leadership position. I did my residential internship at Gateway Stem and Mathematics Middle School under the guidance of Dr. Aisha Grace. The program prepared me to be an effective leader not only in great environments, but also in challenging environments as well. I believe that the SLPS is a great district for students to succeed and under the guidance of Dr. Adams the district will continue to grow.

    I believe that every child should have a equal opportunity to learn and have access to a college-prep focused curriculum integrating cutting edge technology into every phase of the high school experience. Carnahan High School has a primary mission to create a family environment where all students are safe and part of a nurturing environment. The goal is for all students to acquire the technological literacy skills needed to be successful in this everchanging future. Also making sure all students have a healthy balance of athletics, activities, and academics in the high school experience is vital in the development of the student.

    I look forward to serving the child and partnering with the parents to create a environment where FAMILY FIRST matters and making sure we develop and grow together.

    Principal Jonathan Griffin
    Carnahan High School


Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission: In accordance with the Saint Louis Public Schools philosophy, Carnahan High School of the Future has as the primary mission, a guarantee to all students of a safe and nurturing learning environment where all students are ensured the opportunity to acquire the technological literacy skills that they need to be successful in the future.
    Our Vision: Carnahan High School of the Future is a community of learners engaged in a college-prep focused program integrating cutting-edge technology into every phase of the high school experience while maintaining a strong core curriculum, which graduates leaders prepared for the rigorous challenges of the 21st century post-graduate school, and workplace experience.


Mr. Griffin enters the Cougar Den


  • Carnahan High School officially kicked off the "Young Emerging Leaders" program with an all school assembly where Carnahan staff was united with their respective mentees.  Principal Griffin says this is an opportnity for the entire Carnahan family (staff) to provide support to our students.

    Ms. Dowling's mentors

    The Carnahan staff kicks of the YEL 

    (Young Emerging Leaders) program with the 

    announcing of mentors and their teams.

    (Pictured:  Ms. Dowling and her mentees).



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  • New Vaccination Required!


    Before our 7th grade and 11th grade students start 8th and 12th grade (respectively) in 2017-2018, they must receive a vaccine against meningitis, an infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. 


    Students entering 8th grade must also receive the Tdap vaccine, so parents can get them done during the same visit to the doctor. If your student going into the 12th grade received the first meningitis immunization at age 16 or later, a second one will not be needed. Otherwise, two are required for 12th grade students. Please have this immunization done as soon as possible, and make sure your School Nurse receives a copy. Please contact your School Nurse or the Nurse Coordinator at 314-345-4401 for questions.

    Vaccination Resources • Requirements

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