• Our Mission is to engage in the highest quality experiential learning and teaching possible by committing to academic excellence, STEAM character growth, and productive and uplifting collaboration among students, staff, and community partners. 


  • Our Vision is to be a leading and transformative middle school by embodying the essence of excellence and STEAM mindset.  

  • Our Core Values: “Full STEAM Ahead!” 

    • Strong Self: We possess self-awareness, self-drive, self-motivation, self-regulation, self-management, and self-advocacy to become independent learners and celebrate our own amazing and unique selves. 
    • Thinker: We are tenacious and critical, independent and collaborative, creative and innovative thinkers.  
    • Energizer: We energize the people around us, smile a lot, build relationships, empower others, embrace eclectic learning, and contribute. We are team builders and a positive force filled with empathy. 
    • Adventurer: We dare to venture in our dreams and learning. We are genuinely curious. We explore, experience, and investigate. We engage in active learning, appropriate risk-taking, and personal reflection while being resourceful.  
    • Maker: We are process-oriented engineers, authors of our own work. We get things done. We take accountability for and are mindful of the impact of our actions. We effectively communicate and share our talents and ideas. 

    Our School's Pillars:

    •Student Engagement & Academic Excellence      •Growing STEAM Identity      •Uplifting Culture & Climate