• The Pillars of Carnahan STEAM 

    Student Engagement

    • Cross-curricular project- or phenomenon-based units
    • Effective teacher movement
    • Integration of music and arts into the curriculum
    • Addition of movement into any classroom
    • Interactive, creative, and cooperative teaching and learning
    • Celebration of student success
    • Keeping students on task
    • Exciting extracurricular opportunities
    • Incorporation of socio-emotional learning

    STEAM Identity Growth

    • Modeling and implementing the Universals to instill our STEAM core values
    • Participation in sophisticated STEAM opportunities
    • Effective communication when working with others
    • Productive collaborations
    • Building global citizenship
    • Solution-oriented mindset
  • ~ Full STEAM Ahead! ~

    Academic Excellence

    • Pushing for higher order questioning
    • Teaching metacognition – how to think about one’s thinking
    • Monitoring of student progress
    • Setting high expectations for all learners
    • Engagement of students in academic discussions, collaboration, and problem-solving
    • Maximizing pacing and academic learning   

    Uplifting and Productive Culture and Climate

    • Sense of urgency and high expectations (1%’s)
    • Opportunities for shared leadership
    • Sense of belonging with house system
    • Engaging families and communities
    • Opportunities for effective staff collaboration and professional growth
    • Celebrating staff and student success