• Name: Vikki DeClue
    Email: vikki.declue@slps.org
    School Counselor
    Hodgen Tech Academy
     Wondering What to do during this time?
    So you're at home with your kids and don't know how long it will last.  Well here are a couple of tips to help you make it through these times.
    Creating Routine - Yeah the first week is over and now you have at least four more to go.  It's time to set up some routines.  Get up in the moring. eat breakfast, have some work for students to do.  (Practice handwriting, read a book and write a book report, do some math problems)  After about an hour, pick a room to clean.  Everyone working together to pick-up, clean-up makes the day go by and helps keep your house together too.  Next, maybe some exercise time.  Youtube has lots of videos or maybe www.gonoodle.com .  They have lots of good exercises for kids, many of which they already do in class. How about planning lunch and making it together?  Next, maybe an hour of free play.  Don't forget about nap time for the little ones!  Now maybe some more school work.  Having a plan can make your do go by with ease and keep the kids busy.  They're use to having routines at school so keep it up at home.
    Don't forget to check out the SLPS Resource page:  https://www.slps.org/resources
    They have everything from free WiFi to free meals and work packets for the kids.