• Did you just receive your iPad and need help setting it up?  Follow these easy steps below to get logged into Teams and your email!  When finished, be sure to check out the "Technology" tab to gain even more information about your new iPad!

    Here are the apps you need to locate!


    First, let's sign in to Teams.  Click on the Teams app, and type in your username WITH "@slps.org" after it. Then click "Sign in."


    On the next screen that pops up, type in your password, and once again click "Sign in"


    Congrats!  You're logged into Teams and can begin working!  Notice at the bottom of your screen - it will have your main links like a link to all your "Teams" and "Assignments"!



    Now, let's set up your email!  Please click on the "Outlook" app (look at the top of this page if you're not sure what it looks like).  When you open it up, you will log in the same way you logged into Teams.  Put your username WITH "@slps.org" and then click "Add Account"


    On the next screen, type in your password and then click "Sign in."  You're all set up and ready to go!