Red Ribbon Week                         October 23-27, 2023


    Our theme for this year is “Ask Me, See Me, Be Me, I’m Drug Free.” 

                Red Ribbon Week represents a strong commitment by communities to provide a drug-free, healthy future for our nation’s youth.

                Enrique Camarena was a Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration.  The death of this brave man in the fight against drugs in 1985 touched many Americans and led to the founding of the red ribbon movement.

                Every American, including every girl and boy, can help make this a nation free of drugs.  You can help simply by deciding never to use drugs.  When wearing your red ribbon and celebrating "Red Ribbon Week" you are saying, “This is my country.  I want it to be free of drugs.  I am doing my part by making a promise, especially to myself, to stay drug-free.”

                The Red Ribbon stands as a symbol of Enrique Camarena’s belief that one person can make a difference and that together we can give the greatest gift to our future – drug-free youth.


    Daily Themes:

    Monday, October 23:  

                “Our school is too cool for drugs!”

       Wear school shirt or school colors (black & yellow/gold). If you do not wear a school shirt or if you do not wear school colors, you must wear your school uniform.


    Tuesday, October 24: 

    “I have the power to say NO to drugs!”

        Wear superhero shirts, capes, etc. If you do not wear superhero gear, you must wear your school uniform.


    Wednesday, October 25:

                “I’m a drug free JEAN-ius and I’m going to college!”

       Wear jeans and college shirt. If you do not wear jeans and a college shirt, you must wear your school uniform


    Thursday, October 26:   

                “Stay in the game, be drug free & team up against drugs!”

       Wear Sports Jersey. If you do not wear a sports jersey, you must wear your school uniform.


    Friday, October 27:   

                “It is wacky and tacky to do drugs!”

       Wear wacky tacky attire. If you do not wear wacky tacky attire, you must wear your school uniform.