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         Cleveland Junior Naval Academy is unique among St Louis public high schools in that it is a full fledged military academy.    The mission of Cleveland is to provide all cadets with a quality education in a highly structured and well disciplined school environment:  to foster self-esteem, self discipline, academic excellence and physical fitness.  To that end, Cleveland integrates its civilian and military staff members into a cohesive educational unit focused on student achievement.
         As a magnet high school created to support the voluntary desegregation program between the city and county of St. Louis, Cleveland serves a racially and economically diverse student body which is approximately 75% African American, 16% White, 3% Asian, 5% Hispanic/other and 1% Native American.   Student applicants are selected through a lottery, coming from all regions of the city and county.  Every parent has his/her child here by choice.
         Cleveland provides a comprehensive college preparatory high school curriculum supporting everything from advanced placement/college credit offerings in math, science, English, and social studies to special education.  All Cleveland students are cadets in the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) program.  Uniforms provided by the the U. S. Navy are worn daily.  In addition to uniforms, the Navy provides all instructional and support materials required for the NJROTC program.  Since 1995, eleven Cleveland graduates have accepted appointments to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD; two others accepting appointments to the United States Coast Guard Academy.  Twelve additional graduates have accepted ROTC/NJROTC scholarships to public and private universities.  The backgrounds of these graduates mirror the racial and economic diversity of the student body.
         Cleveland provides a wide variety of varsity and junior varsity athletics to both its male and female cadets.  Military extra curricular activities include Honor Guard, Color Guard, and precision drill teams and Orienteering Teams.  Additional activities include cheerleaders, pom pons, debate, and art club.
         The typical Cleveland Cadet is Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Bosnian, Vietnamese, male, female, college bound, military service academy bound, enlisted for service in the armed forces, blue collar, white collar, low income, high income, middle class.  "We are as diverse as our community, metropolitan St. Louis.  With this single commonality, we have learned to work and achieve together in Cleveland's Battalion of Cadets."


          Naval Science Instructors            

    Captain Peter Davenport, USN (ret)         https://www.slps.org/Domain/14168
    MCPO Peter Steinberg, USNR (ret)           https://www.slps.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=31722
    SCPO Erik Findall, USN (ret)                    https://www.slps.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=31719

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