• Welcome to the Clyde C. Miller Career Academy Principal's Corner

    We are delighted to have you join us! 

    Professional Rougeau 
    As the new Principal of Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, I will be devoted to building and sustaining relationships to tackle the challenges faced by the school community over the past academic year. I am an 11 – year military veteran with 15 years of experience in education in various capacities. I am hopeful that those experiences will prove beneficial as I involve stakeholders within Career Academy’s school community to improving student outcomes.

    I am committed to engaging in forward thinking educational practices to equip all learners for college and career pathways. Working closely with the multi-talented instructional and support staff, the aim is to, continuously, incorporate innovative teaching and learning experiences to prepare students for the 11 career pathways leading to senior interships.  I am equally excited to welcome the Naval Junior ROTC program!  NJROTC offers another opportunity to experience a career pathway.

    My devotion to education extends to Career Academy’s athletic program. I am a former Southern Illinois Saluki and Team Porcia Italy basketball player. I understand that the success of athletic programs begin with commitment of leadership to hire skilled coaches investing in player development. Career Academy’s athletic programs will focus on gaining opportunities for our student-athletes to advance to 2-year and 4-year collegiate sports programs through scholarships.  
    This is a collaborative effort.  Each member of the school community has a role to play in the success of programs.  It begins today!  My boots are laced and ready to go.  I look forward to engaging with you.

    Let’s have a great school year! 

    Angelia Rougeau, Principal