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  • Greetings,

    It is time for Parent Teacher Conferences.  Conferences are the week of October 18, 2021-October 22, 2021. Which is a four-day week.  There is no school on Friday, October 22, 2021.  Please join me virtually via Zoom. Another option is Microsoft Teams, which has both audio and video meeting capabilities.  I would love to speak with every parent/guardian, so please see the below details and schedule your conference. 


    Conference Details:

    Courses: African American Literature and Freshmen Literuature-150

    Place: Zoom and Microsoft Teams (will use for audio meetings, however and/or video conference)

    Days:  Wednesday 2:30-5:30

               Thursday 2:20- 6:00


    Wednesday Zoom Link:

    Meeting ID: 972 3823 5801

    Passcode: szyk18


    Thursday Zoom Link:

    Meeting ID: 983 7998 1546

    Passcode: 0YdxGN


    Please reply to this email after completing the following:

    Parent Name : _____________________        Student Name: ____________________

    Course Name: (Class your student has with me): ______________________      

    Which day you want to meet (Wednesday or Thursday): _________________________

    Time Preference for 15-minute or less conference.   I hope to speak with at least two parents every 30 minutes if not more.  Please identify your preferred time(s).

    First Time Choice: __________________ 

    Second Time Choice: ________________

    Third Time Choice:__________________

    Other: ___________________________

    Wednesday choices between:  2:30-3:00      3:00-3:30    3:30-4:00    4:00-4:30    4:30-5:00   5:00-5:20   

    Thursday choices between: 2:30-3:00      3:00-3:30    3:30-4:00    4:00-4:30    4:30-5:00   5:00-5:30   5:30-6:00.

Phone: 314-371-0394


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kennedy


I am a member of the English Department.  For the last four years I have taught Freshmen Literature Double Dose and African American Literature.  However, this year I am embraking on a new venture.  I am teaching Freshmen Literture, no Double Dose and African American Literature.  My teaching career did not begin at Clyde C. Miller. I have taught at both comprehensive and magnet schools, throughout the St. Louis Public Schools district.  In addition to, having the privilege of working with various age groups (elementary, middle, and high school) throughout my employ with SLPS.  Although, the majority of my experience has been at the high school level.   

There are various sentiments regardingreturning to in- person learning this school year.  Whether in person or not the top priority is safety, your safety and your family’s safety.  In addition to, the safety of the bus drivers, safety officers, administrators, teachers and staff. Therefore, at this time there are COVID protocols that we collective must adhere to to maintain health and safety. Consequently, mask are required, wiping of work station, use of hand sanitizer, and social distancing  In addition, a hybird teaching model is being implemented in an effort to keep everyone safe. For additional information please contact me via email  If you email me please include the following in your email:  your first and last name, your student's name, your number and the best time to contact you. 



  • Availability

    Mon. Wed. and A-Fridays11:00-11:30  

    Tues., Thurs. and B-Fridays 9:30-10:00 


    Please feel free to contact me using the below 

    email address.  Include your name, your student's

    name, and  the best time to contact you. Additionally,

    students may also correspond via email.   Student should 

    not use the Post feature in Teams to discuss grades,

    attendance concerns or any other confidential information.  

    Since, all members of the team/class are able to see post.  


    314-371-0394  Ext. 61205