Phoenix Rising Esports

    Clyde C. Miller Career Academy

    1000 N. Grand Blvd.

    St. Louis, Mo. 63106



    This form will provide you with information about Esports and participating in the Clyde C. Miller Career Academy’s Esports program.

    The magnitude of the contributions and commitments provided by each individual and parent participating in the Esports program is greatly appreciated. This activity allows students the opportunity to train and better prepare to enter the world, encourage continuing education and competition, as well as becoming a better citizen with a positive contribution to society.


    Esports Program Details

    Games played:

    •               LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (M.O.B.A. style game developed by riot games)
    •               SMITE  (M.O.B.A. style game developed by Hi-Rez Studios)
    •               ROCKECT LEAGUE  (a vehicular soccer video game published by Psyonix)

     **All sessions are free of charge.**

     Coach Contact Information: Parents, feel free to contact me for more information.

    Head Coach: Jason Criveau

    E-mail: Jason.criveau@slps.org

    Activities Director: Reginald Ferguson

    E-mail: Reginald.Ferguson@slps.org