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    24 Math Tournaments have become an end of the semester staple at Mallinckrodt Academy. In-class tournaments determine a class champion. A schoolwide tournament held in the cafeteria determines the school champion.

    To play, players are shown a card with four numbers 1-9. Once a player thinks they know the solution, they tap the card. The first player to tap the center of the card is given the first opportunity to answer. To successfully solve a card, a player must use each number once to create the number 24. For example, in the card below, four numbers are shown: 2, 3, 4 and 4.

    24 card

    To solve this card, players would offer ANY possible solution, such as: (2+3)*4+4 "Two plus three is five. Five times four is twenty. Twenty plus four is twenty four."

    Players who delay in giving their answer or give incorrect information lose their turn. Then, the next player is given an opportunity to solve.

    For official game rules, click here.


    Past Winners

    Winter 2016

    Champion: Isaac Upchurch, 2nd Grade

    Runner-Up: Leo Marquart, 5th Grade

    Spring 2016

    Champion: Louis Smith, 5th Grade

    Runner-Up: Jelani Penny Johnson, 4th Grade

    Winter 2015

    Champion: Jelani Penny Johnson, 4th Grade

    Runner-Up: Louis Smith, 5th Grade