• Meet the Principal

    Dr. Williams

    Mallinckrodt Community:

    It is with great enthusiasm that I join Mallinckrodt Academy as Principal! Learning about the school has provided me with great insight and I look forward to growing with you! We must continue to hold true to the belief that children are the focus of all our efforts. To that end, I believe that school should be a place where children are seen and heard and as a building leader that is my vision-- to create a space where children thrive with high expectations and rigorous curriculum or to add to that regard. All children should have the opportunity to meet their full intellectual potential and as a school community, that is our task.

    I have been a school leader for the past 4 years; serving as a Learning Support Coordinator, a Building Principal and Assistant Principal. My experiences are diverse, but all the while meaningful to what our students need. Being relatable is important and it speaks to my knack for building relationships with parents, students and community stakeholders.

    My career in education has been unique, to say the least. My entry to this field came by way of me serving as a Family and Community Specialist at Pierre Laclede Elementary School. From there I taught 3rd grade and would go on to teach 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. From Pierre Laclede Elementary, I joined with a small school outside of the district, where I served as the Learning Support Coordinator and eventually Building Principal. As a Building Principal, I prided myself on the work I did surrounding meeting kids exactly where they were and giving them what they needed in that moment. It was my way to ensure that we developed the whole child by giving them what they needed and providing them with goals to meet.

    The elementary school years are critical times of development for students and families alike, and the dedicated staff of Mallinckrodt Academy looks forward to working with all of you to make this year successful. We are evermore committed to providing the best education possible to our Mallinckrodt Dragons, because they are “Young, Gifted and Great; the Mallinckrodt Way!” As we embark upon another school year, the staff and I are eager to continue to grow and learn as educators. We desire to help your children develop the skills necessary to be a successful student and world citizen.


    Dr. Shawn E. Williams