• The End of Another Year

    Scholars and Families, 

    We have finally reached the end of this crazy school year. It has been a joy for me to be a part of all of the learning and growth that happened this year. There are a few end of year announcements before we begin the summer:

    Parents, if you have not already please read the parent letter from the district. It contains important information about the end of the year, summer learning, and next school year. 

    If you would like to enroll in summer school please click here and complete the registration form. 

    If you received an iPad from the district as part of distance learning, and are returning to a SLPS school in the fall, you may keep you iPad for the summer. Families will still be responsible for returning the technology in the fall. This is a great opportunity to continue learning and practicing your academic skills over the summer. However, if you would like to your iPad you may do so at Sigel from 9am-3pm from 5/25-5/29.

    All grades for this semester will be posted on SIS through the parent portal. If you do not have access to the parent portal please email beverly.savala@slps.org and ask to be given access. If you do not have access to technology but would still like a copy of your child's report card please email me and I will send it to you electronically.

    Finally, I will be posting a summer choice board with technology based and non-technology based activities you can do to help your child review key 3rd grade skills and prepare for 4th grade. I strongly encourage all scholars and families to look at the board and make a plan for how they will be learning over the summer. I am recommending scholars engage with one of these activities for 30-45 minutes 5-6 days a week or as often as possible. 

    Have a great summer everyone! Be safe and make good choices. I look forward to when I will get to see you all in person again.

    -Ms. Chrisler




  • About Me

    My name is Patience Chrisler and I am a member of the 3rd grade Team at Sigel Elementary. This is my first year teaching full time and I am thrilled to be a part of the SLPS and Sigel communities. I am a graduate of the College of Wooster where I obtained my degrees in political science and elementary education. 

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