• Ms. Coleman


    Hello eveyone!  

        My name is Ms. Brandace Coleman; I am the In-School Suspension Specialist Monitor at Sigel Elementary.  I have worked for St. Louis Public Schools for seven years.  I started, as the Library Aide at Sigel Elementary in March 2013, were I developed great relationships with the students, families and teachers.   In 2016, Dr Russell-West offered me the opportunity to be at Sigel full-time as a preschool teacher assistant.  I loved working with the preschool students, because it allowed me to be the fun-loving and entergetic person I am.  In November of 2019, I began my current position as the ISS Monitor.  I have built wonderful relationship with the students at Sigel, so being the ISS Monitor is a good fit for me.  The students understand that my expectations of them come from a place of love and understanding.  I have enjoyed all my roles here at Sigel and l look forward to continuing to build relaionships with all the students at Sigel Elementary.

    What is ISS: In School Suspension (ISS) is a consequence given ONLY by an Administrator or Designee for a uthat is outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. One should consider the amount of time needed so that an apapropriate consequence is assigned and the purpose of the assignment can be attained.

    My purpose here in Iss is to help your child change the negative behavior into more postive scholar behavior. 


    Hey Scholars!  I just wanted you all to know that I really miss you all.  I know that right now is a very difficult time for everyone.  Please check the district's website as well as Sigel's homepage for resources and updatees.  I hope that everyone is continuing their virtual learning online. 

    Parents I've added a couple links to some read aloud books for you to enjoy with your scholars!

    Just click on assignments tab and you will find the videos there.  Also under the articles tab I have listed some numbers to useful resources.

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