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                  I am your child’s ESOL teacher. I have been teaching at Sigel for over 18 years. This is my first year as an ESOL teacher. I am excited to start this new adventure at Sigel. Your child will be involved in many new positive experiences this year. 

                Communication between school and home are important for your child’s success. Please contact me if any problem or questions arise by note or phone call (771-0010). If needed, we can also set up a conference during my prep time.

                    In order to allow your child and all the other students in the room the excellent learning environment they deserve, the class will develop and implement the discipline plan on the first day of class. I believe all students are capable of behaving appropriately at school. This involves cooperation from the student, home, and school. The classroom rules include the expectations created through positive behavior support. These classroom and schoolwide expectations were sent home at the beginning of the year and are posted in the classroom. The students have the option to earn prizes or privileges as rewards for their good behavior. On the other hand, there are consequences for inappropriate behavior. The consequences are a warning, time out in class, time out in another room, a phone call or note home. Other consequences may require an immediate write up to the Principal. See the student handbook for more information. Sigel utilizes Class DoJo, a technology based program, in which staff reward points for positive behavior and take points for negative behavior. The students are elgible to use their points to buy their way into an event. If students do not have enough points to buy a ticket, they are unable to attend the event. 

                    I like to have fun at times in the classroom, but it is not always going to be that way. It will take cooperation on the students’ part to accomplish this. School requires a great deal of seriousness for learning to take place.

                                   Let’s all work together to make this a great year for your child!

                       teacher                                                             Mrs. Bergmann                                                                        

                                                                                                           Mrs. Bergmann
                                                                                                           Room 201
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