• Hello there...

    I am Tiffanie Abernathy and I am Hamilton Elementary School Secretary.

    Ms. Abernathy


    I have been in the St. Louis Public Schools District for over 16 years and I love my school - HAMILTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!

    I have been in the clerical field for many years and I have come to love working in the Elementary Schools.

    I have 2 sons, 2 cats and my first granddaughter whom i love very much.  Both of my sons attended St. Louis Public Schools during their Elementary school years and are now on to their future goals.

     I look forward to meeting you and/or your child or children soon.


    Here are a few things to remember:

    • Always come to the Main Office when entering the building.
    • Notify office of any questions and concerns that you may have to discuss.
    • Make sure you call when your child/children may be late or absent.
    • Bring in any documents for student absence or information that Hamilton Elementary School may need to have on file.
    • Call 314-367-0552 if you have an emergency regarding your student.