Dear SLPS Families,

    As we work together to contain the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), schools will be closed March 23 thru April22. In that time, leaders of Saint Louis Public Schools and our partner connections are committed to providing nutritious food (breakfast and lunch) and ensuring a Continuous Learning Experience for every child.

    The following websites you will find a list of designated school sites where families may pick up meals and learning plans. In addition to lesson plans available on our website, we are making these Learning Kits available to each family to continue access to meaningful, hands on learning experiences:



    While the internet allows us to keep the world at our children’s fingertips, we also want our students to engage in work that allows them to draw upon the world around them, the resources they have at home, and the resources we are providing.

    Your Learning Kit will include:

    • Suggested Daily Schedule
    • Learning Log to be Completed Daily
    • Continuous Learning Plans that Outline Suggested Learning Activities in each Subject

    Here is how you can help:

    • Review the Suggested Daily Schedule and help your child select from the Learning Kit activities offered.
    • Work through all core subjects with your child each day.
    • Encourage your child and or a family member to read a little every day!
    • Encourage physical activity daily.
    • Take advantage of meal opportunities provided by St. Louis Public Schools!
    • Complete the Learning Log daily, and send these back to school when we return.
    • Talk with them about what they are seeing and hearing on the news about the Coronavirus. Reinforce proper hand washing and coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow.

    Any parent of a child who does not have access to the internet can contact Charter/Spectrum at 844-488-8395 to receive free access for 60 days.


    If you have questions about anything in this packet, you can post your questions on “Let’s Talk” via the SLPS website or contact Dr. Paula Knight, Deputy Superintendent for Academics / Chief Academic Officer via email at paula.knight@slps.org.

    Remember, it is extremely important that your child keeps on learning.

    Thank you for your ongoing support of your child’s education!