• Dress Code 2018 - 2019 School Year


    Hello! We are glad that you are here! 

    It is our hope that we are able to answer commonly asked questions about our schools Dress Code.

    At Hamilton our students take PRIDE in wearing the school uniform.  Every student is expected to wear their school uniform DAILY, with the exception of "Spirit Days".  "Spirit Days" are identified on the monthly school calendar. Calendars are sent home at the end/begining of each month and posted in the main office for your convenience.  Parents may also check the website or request additional calendars from the main office.

    Hamilton expects all students to dress in a manner that takes into consideration the weather, educational environment, safety, health, and welfare of self and others.  It is a parents responsibility to ensure students are clean and appropriately dressed daily.  At school we encourage students to take pride in their attire.  During the school year the school social worker may have some additional items on hand in cases of hardship and extenuating circumstances.


    Hamiltons Dress Code Expectations

    All students must adhere to the following guidelines:


    1. TOPS- Solid Navy Blue, Solid Light Blue or Solid White


    2. BOTTOMS- Khaki or Navy Blue 

    3. SHOES- Covered Shoes (NO Flip flops, thongs or sandals.) 

    There is a safety concern for students on the playground and in gym class when proper shoes are not worn. 


    4. Belts are to be worn with pants daily.


    Hamilton is commited to creating a culture that promotes self respect and academic success.



    Light Blue Shirt


    The following types of clothing ARE NOT PERMITTED at Hamilton Elementary School
     NO sagging pants-all pants are to be worn at waist level with a belt and shirts tucked in properly.

    NO Bare midriffs, halter-tops and spaghetti straps tops.
     NO See-through material.
    NO Shorts and/or skirts should be to finger tips.
    NO clothing with obscene language and/or pictures of inappropriate items.
    NO Hats/caps or head scarfs.
    NO Large belt buckles with lettering and/or images.
    NO Jewelry that represents inappropriate activity/Distracting.
    NO Purses/pocketbooks (unless necessary). 

    Parents we have to work together to create a culture that promotes academic success.