• August 2022


    “Parental Involvement with an Intentional Purpose”

    Parents, Guardians and Community Partners,

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 Academic School Year! I am excited to welcome you to Hamilton!  I would like to take an opportunity to say thank you to our parents and community partners! Your ability to adapt to this new culture of learning and your dedication is to be commended.  To our partners, thank you for your continued support. We are just now getting back in to the swing of things and can’t wait to see you in person again! School will no longer be the same, but our commitment to preparing students for life will never change.

    I am Kimberly Roach-Trice, your family and community specialist.  My assignment at Hamilton is to increase parental involvement and build community partners that will aid in assisting parents with those needs critical to helping students reach academic success and bridging the gaps between home, school and the community.

     Joyce Epstein suggests that there are SIX types of involvement that will support a student’s academic success.  The steps are parenting, communication, volunteering, learning at home, decision making and collaborating with the community. I will make every effort to assist our families with the available resources to help them accomplish their goals.

    Hamilton will have 1 virtual meeting each month this school year/  I am committed to engaging with you and having an open communication form for your questions. There will be information for those dates and times sent home the 2nd week of school.  

    I urge you to continue to be involved in the education process of your students.  Get to know your students' teacher. We welcome parental involvement.  It is my hope that together we can build an academic and positive behavioral atmosphere of achievement.  I look forward to meeting all the parents and guardians of each student in this building!  I invite you to join us as we meet to shape partnerships for successful solutions and strategies for our students.  I encourage you to become a part of a students’ academic pathway. My office is always open to you. Feel free to contact me via phone (314) 367-0552 or email kimberly.roach-trice@slps.org

    Let’s have a safe and fantastic year!

    Families First, Mrs. Kimberly R. Roach-Trice