Mrs. Kimberly Roach-Trice

“Parental Involvement with Intentional Purpose”

  • Parents, Guardians and Community,

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 Academic School Year!

    I am Kimberly Roach-Trice, Hamilton's family and community specialist.  My assignment is to increase parental involvement and build community partners that will aid in assisting parents with those needs critical to helping students succeed. Joyce Epstein suggests that there are SIX types of involvement that will support student’s success.  The steps are parenting, communication, volunteering, learning at home, decision making and collaborating with the community. I will make every effort to assist in the accomplishments of each family.

    I urge you to continue to be involved in the education process of your student.  Get to your students teacher, join the PTO, volunteer twice a month. I welcome parental involvement.  It is my hope that together we can build an academic and positive behavioral atmosphere of achievement. I want to provide you with the best resources available to help your students at home. I will make every effort to bridge a relationship between home and school.

    I look forward to meeting all parents or guardians of each student in this building!  I invite you to join us at events and meetings as we meet to build partner for successful solutions and strategies for our students.  I encourage you to become a part of your academic pathway.

    Hamilton parent meetings are every third Thursday of each month.  The district also has monthly parent meetings at our district office, I recommend you to sign up for those meetings, so that your voice could be heard.  

    My office is always open to you, contact me via phone or email. Let’s have a fantastic year!

    Families First, Mrs. Kimberly Roach Trice