(Creating a consistent set of expectations for success)

    2022-2023 School Year



    • I will ensure that my child comes to school or logs in every day ready to learn.
    • I will make sure my child is in uniform while at school or fully dressed before logging in.
    • I will encourage positive behavior and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct policies.
    • I pledge to support my child’s efforts in reading.
    • I commit to establishing a time for homework and making sure it is completed and submitted.
    • I will establish positive communication with teachers and staff.
    • I pledge to be a responsible advocate for my child.




    • I promise to come to school or log in every day one time ready to learn
    • I will wear my uniform while in school and be fully dressed on line each day.
    • I will attempt to display positive behavior daily.
    • I will come to school prepared to learn with all my school supplies.
    • I will make sure my homework is completed.
    • I will follow all class rules (P.R.I.D.E. Matrix)
    • I pledge to work to my full potential and always do my best.




    • I commit to building a positive, creative atmosphere for students to learn.
    • I will make academic activities meaningful and enjoyable.
    • I will provide parents with information about their students’ progress.
    • I will teach lessons that support the grade level curriculum.
    • The homework will extend and reinforce learning in the classroom.
    • I will make every effort to listen to my students and contact parents when/if necessary.




    • Will create a safe and secure environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn
    • Communicate, monitor and encourage attendance expectations.
    • Monitor students and teachers for progress.
    • Provide professional development and mentor opportunities to teachers and staff.
    • Collaborate with teachers to maintain high curriculum standards.
    • Will maintain communication with all stakeholders.


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